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Garbage Bag Making Machine Price in USA

Garbage Bag Making Machine In USA

In mid-December, Polly, the sales manager of YG, sold a continuous-roll garbage bag making machine to the United States. YG’s garbage bag making machine is very popular with customers, and our roll bag making machine has been exported to India, the Philippines, Italy, Costa Rica, and other countries and regions. The following are the details of the American garbage bag making machine customer case.

Garbage Bag Making Machine Price In USA
Garbage Bag Making Machine Price In USA
Plastic Garbage Bag Machine
Plastic Garbage Bag Machine

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American Garbage Bag Machine Customer Background

In early November, Nick from the United States left a message on the YG Plastics website asking about the price of the garbage bag making machine and the shipping cost to the United States. According to the content of the customer’s message, YG’s sales manager quickly got in touch with the customer and learned that the customer wanted to make rolling garbage bags. After getting the style and size of the trash bag the customer wanted to make, Polly quickly sent Nick the plastic bag making machine details and a quotation. After comparison, Nick finally chose to buy a garbage bag making machine from YG.

Plastic Garbage Bag Machine Parameters in the USA

Bag width50-800mm
Bag length20-1800mm
Working speed(30-150pcs/min)X2
Bag thickness0.008-0.1mm
Bag ModelRoll Vest bag, Roll Flat bag
Total Power6kw

The above are the parameters of a plastic garbage bag machine ordered by American customer Nick. The bag length and width of the garbage bag making machine can be adjusted according to the needs of customers. Using computer control and intelligent operation, the labor force is greatly liberated. Moreover, this plastic bag-making machine can not only be used to produce continuous roll flat bags but also can produce vest bags.

Trash Bag Machine Details
Trash Bag Machine Details
Machine to Make Garbage Trash Bag
Machine to Make Garbage Trash Bag

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What is the Garbage Bag Making Machine Price in the USA?

The garbage bag on roll making machine is not a standard product, it can be customized. The machine’s photoelectric tracking automatic control feeding, automatic constant temperature control device, static elimination device, automatic counting, and packaging devices can be selected according to customer needs. Moreover, YG also provides various types of garbage bag-making machines, so the garbage bag-making machines’ price is not fixed. If you are interested in a garbage bag machine, please contact us to get the garbage bag machine price.

Garbage Bags Sample
Garbage Bags Sample

Why Do Customers Finally Choose YG?

Timely Communication

After receiving the customer’s inquiry, Polly quickly contacted the customer and communicated with the customer about the details of the machine. Whenever Nick goes online to send a message, Polly gets back to him quickly.

Competitive Price

YG is a plastic bag making machine manufacturer, which has a great advantage in the price of the machine. We do business directly with end customers, saving other links in the middle, so the cost is lower and the price of the machine is also lower.

YG Plastic Processing Machine Factory
YG Plastic Processing Machine Factory


YG is a plastic bag making machine manufacturer with 18 years of experience in production, R&D, and sales. At present, a system of nearly 200 people has been formed, with very rich experience. Moreover, YG has customers in many countries and regions, and many customers place second and third orders with us.

Perfect Pre-sales and After-sales Service

YG has a very complete pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service. We have a very complete sales system. After you place an order, we will arrange production for you, and the produced equipment will be tested before leaving the factory. During the test, we will arrange to shoot a video for the customer. After the customer receives the machine, we will tell the customer how to use the machine and send the instruction manual. If there is any problem during use, we will help you solve it as soon as possible.

YG Garbage Bag Making Machine Manufacturer

As a professional plastic bag machine manufacturer, YG plastic machinery also provides other plastic product machines. For example, PP woven bag making machine, PP Bag Printing Machine, PE long glove making machine, mineral water bottle making machine, PET bottle washing line, and other plastic product machines. If you are interested in our plastic machine, please contact us to get a machine quotation.

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