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Tyre crusher recycling machine for sale

tyre recycling machine for sale

YG tyre recycling machine for sale is an efficient mechanical equipment specially designed to process waste tires. The equipment is powerful enough to shred the whole tire into rubber pieces of different sizes. We YG can produce tyre crushers with single shafts and double shafts. Customers can choose according to their needs. The processed rubber pieces can be further processed into rubber powder. Rubber powder can be reused more widely and users can benefit more economically. This also solves the problem of slowing down environmental pollution. In addition to tire shredders, we also produce corresponding automatic tire recycling production lines. Please contact us for more information!

Tire crusher
Tire crusher

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Tire Shredder Technical Information

ModelPowerNumber of toolsReducerRotating speed(r/min)Size(m)

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5 Property of Tyre Recycling Machine for Sale

1. Powerful: the tire shredder can handle a variety of different materials, in addition to waste tires can also be plastics, metals, textiles, wires, car frames, oil drums, and so on.

2. High efficiency and energy saving: advanced machine structure design, high-quality power system, to create an energy-efficient tire shredder.

3. Easy to operate: humanized design makes the equipment easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

4. Safety and environmental protection: equipped with perfect safety protection devices to ensure safe operation. At the same time, the noise and dust generated during the shredding process meet the requirements of environmental protection.

5. Customizable: the tyre crusher can be customized with different specifications and functions according to the different needs of customers, and the processed tires can be of various sizes to meet diversified processing needs.

Tyre crusher recycling machine for sale
Tyre crusher recycling machine for sale

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About Tyre Crusher Screen

The screen mesh can be customized according to your needs. Different sizes of mesh determine the size of the shredded tires. It also ensures that the shredded waste tire particles are uniform in size. Therefore, when choosing a tire shredder, you should also configure the screen system reasonably according to the actual needs.

Tyre crusher screen
Tyre crusher screen

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Tire Chipper Machine Knives

Cutting tool is the core component of tire shredder, which is directly related to the shredding efficiency and durability of the equipment. The cutting tool produced by YG is made of high wear-resistant alloy material. So it can easily cope with the hard material of waste tires, while maintaining a long service life. In addition to scrap tires, the knives can also handle more scrap appliances, metals, plastics, and other materials. The wide range of processing capacity can meet the needs of customers to process many materials.

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Rubber Recycling Machine in Tire Recycling Line

Shredder has an important role in tire recycling line. It belongs to the pre-processing stage, which crushes the whole waste tires into small pieces. This provides convenient conditions for the subsequent sorting, drying, granulating and other processes. The tire recycling line can efficiently convert waste tires into valuable resources and realize the recycling of waste tires.

Rubber recycling machine
Rubber recycling machine

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Tyre Recycling Machine for Sale Exported to Brazil

Some time ago, we exported a set of waste tire recycling line to Brazil. This is his first time to engage in recycling tire project. According to the customer’s required output, pellet size, and specific budget, we helped the customer to recommend a set of fully automatic tire recycling production line.YG as a professional machinery manufacturer, our products have significant advantages in terms of technology, cost-effective, etc. The customer trusted us very much, and he said he would like to export the machine to Brazil. The customer trusts us so much that he said he wants to keep a long-term cooperation with us. Besides tyre recycling machines for sale and recycling equipment, we also produce wood shredders, plastic cleaning and recycling production line, and other recycling products. You are welcome to consult us anytime!

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