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Plastic Film Blowing Machine

Mini Film Blowing Machine

Mini Film Blowing Machine

The mini film blowing machine is a simple film-blown machine, which is specially developed for small factories and laboratories. The mini ...
Plastic Film Gravure Printing Machine

Plastic Bag Gravure Printing Machine

The gravure printing machine is a machine that uses gravure printing. When printing, the printed graphics and text are concave, ...
Plastic Film Flexographic Printing Machine

Plastic Film Flexo Printing Machine Price

The flexographic printing machine is a device that uses a photosensitive resin soft plate as a plate for printing. This ...
Agriculture Mulch Film Making Machine

Agriculture Green House Film Blowing Making Machine

The film produced by the mulch film making machine is used for covering the ground and for greenhouses. It is ...
PLA Biodegradable Plastic Film Blowing Machine

Biodegradable Film Blowing Machine

A biodegradable film blowing machine is automatic equipment designed by YG especially for making biodegradable films from biodegradable materials. The ...