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Bottle molding machine for sale

The bottle molding machine is the optimal solution for making bottles. Many beverage companies want to use bottle blowing machines for it is easy to operate, highly efficient, and have high output.YG produces a wide range of blowing machines with various outputs, as well as PET bottles of different sizes and shapes. You are welcome to consult us anytime!

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Bottle Molding Machine Parameter

Production Capacity1 cavity1 cavity2 cavity
Theoretical output(PCS/H)600-800500-6001500-2000
Pressure for blowing(KG)303030
Flow rate for working(m鲁)0.810.8
Flow rate for blowing(m鲁)0.810.8
Neck diameter(MM)12-8050-11045656
Max diameter&height(MM)120*200150*28080*300
Machine size(M)2.6*1.6*1.82.7*1.6*1.82.6*1.5*1.8
Machine weight(KG)180018001800

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What is A Bottle Molding Machine?

Blow molding machine is also bottle blowing machine. This machine can make bottles by heating the preforms and then blowing the softened plastic into the same shape as the molds by blowing air. Blow molding machines can improve production efficiency, reduce cost, and meet the demand of mass production. Many industrials, such as beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food,, The bottles are widely used in and other industries.

blow molding machine for sale

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Types of Blow Molding Machine for Sale

YG produces semi automatic blow molding machines and fully an automatic blow molding machine. The difference between these two machines is as follows:

  1. Full-automatic: Bottle molding machine, preheating box, bottle blowing, PLC control system, transport belt, cooling device, etc.
  2. Semi-automatic: Only two parts: heating and bottle blowing, also can add a feeding machine.
    Full automatic bottle blowing machines have bigger output and save more manpower, usually, bigger factories will choose to use them. You can select the right combination of blowing machines according to your budget and output demand. We will also recommend the right type of blow molding machine for you. You are welcome to provide us with your specific needs!

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About Blow Molding Equipment Mold

  1. Material: The material of the bottle molding machine, mold we offer is high-quality alloy steel. This material has good hardness and abrasion resistance and longer life.
  2. Variety: We can make all kinds of bottle molds to make various shapes and milliliters of bottles. We can also customize the molds according to your needs to make the shape of bottles you want.
bottle molds
bottle molds

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Types of Finished Bottles

The bottles that can be made by the blow molding machine are related to food, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. They can be of different sizes and shapes to contain different liquids.

  1. Different millilitres: The blowing machine can make bottles in millilitres (500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres, 3 litres, 4 litres, 5 litres, 7 litres, 20 litres, etc.)
  2. Different kinds of bottles: Beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, make-up bottles, oil bottles, medicine bottles, shampoo bottles, etc.
finished bottles
finished bottles

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Blowing Machine for Plastic Bottle Working Principle

  1. Heating system: The heating oven heats the bottle blanks through infrared lamps. At the same time, the reflector makes both sides of the bottle blank to be heated evenly. Also, the cooling system cools down the bottle mouth to prevent the preform from swelling.
  2. Blowing system: the blowing system consists of stretching and mold closing devices. Blowing machine through the pre-blowing, high blowing, stretching blowing, exhaust, and finally blowing the preforms into bottles.

8 Advantages of pet bottle blowing machine

  1. Simple operation. PLC operating system, the touch screen can adjust any parameter, with no need to adjust hot work, which saves time and labor.
  2. The heating oven is heated by infrared lamps with strong penetration and even heating.
  3. Equipment energy consumption is small, which can save power costs for customers.
  4. In a simple structure, the main body of the oven machine adopts chute-type integration, which is easy to maintain.
  5. Low noise. The blowing machine for plastic bottles is equipped with a professional noise-cancellation system, low noise.
  6. Cooling system: There is a cooling waterway under the heating box, when the bottle embryo is heating the cooling waterway blocks the heat of the lamp, to protect the bottle mouth from deformation.
  7. Electronic control system: Pneumatic and electrical components are used in the internationally famous brand, touch screen control system is easy to operate.
  8. With automatic alarm, automatic fault detection, and judgment of kinetic energy, scrap rate ≤ 0.02%.
blowing machine for plastic bottle
blowing machine for plastic bottle

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Bottle Blowing Machine for Sale from YG

  1. Different equipment matching. We have fully automatic, semi-automatic bottle molding machines. We can also customise the bottle blowing machine combination according to your specific needs.
  2. Various bottle molds. Now we have many bottle molds. We can also customize the molds according to the parameters you provide.
  3. Foreign famous brand accessories. For example, Schneider, and Bauder, high-quality accessories bring you stable use.
  4. High-quality after-sales service. If you have any problem after receiving the equipment, please contact us, we will give you a timely reply!
blowing machine for plastic bottle
blowing machine for plastic bottle

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Your Most Trustworthy Supplier-YG

Henan YG Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, which is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of engineering equipment. After 18 years of rapid development, the company has strong technical force, complete processing equipment and testing means. Especially in plastic processing equipment, such as, plastic granule machines, plastic washing machines, plastic recycling machines, mineral bottle blowing machine, bottle washing machines, which have been improved thousands of times with stable quality and high reliability.
YG’s bottle molding machine customers are all over the world, and we have established cooperative relationships with enterprises in more than 100 countries and regions, such as the UK, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, and so on. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

YG packing and shipping
YG packing and shipping