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Blowing machine for plastic bottle | bottle molding machine

blowing machine for plastic bottle

The blowing machine for plastic bottle is a specialized equipment used to make various plastic bottles. It completes the bottle-making through heating, mold fixing, and blowing. The blow molding machine is high efficiency, versatility, high precision, and energy saving.YG can provide different models of blow molding machines to meet the needs of different bottle sizes, shapes, and production volumes. We can also customize different plastic bottle molds for you. To know the model of the blow molding machine you need, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Blow Molding Machine for Sale Parameters

Max. Volume(L)5555
Clamping Force(KN)86868686
Dry Cycle Time(Sec)
Screw Diameter(mm)707575+4575+25
Screw L/D Ratio(mm)252626+2526+20
Screw Rotary Speed(RPM)656565+4065+25
Extrusion Weight(HDPE)(kg/hr)708585+2085+2
Extrusion Motor Power(KW)222222+5.522+1.5
Pump Motor Power(KW)15151515
Heating Power(KW)151815+618+3
Operation Pressure(Mpa)0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
Air Consumption(m3/min)
25°C Chilled Water Consumption(L/min)100100100100
Oil Tank Capacity(L)140140140140
Machine Dimension(M)3.6×2.5×2.43.6×2.5×2.43.6×2.5×2.43.6×2.5×2.4
Machine Weight(Ton)

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Bottle Molding Machine Applications

Blow molding machines are widely used in many industries which are closely connected with our daily life. For example, chemicals, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage packaging, etc.
Specific types of bottles are water cans, laundry detergent bottles, plastic oil drums, plastic cosmetic bottles, barricades, medicine bottles, water buckets, shampoo bottles, oil gallon, soy sauce cans, rice wine cans, rice wine jugs, etc. The blow molding machine from YG can make bottles in different milliliters and different shapes, and we can also help you to design your own bottles.

Blowing Machine for Plastic Bottle from YG

YG blow mold manufacturers can provide you with various models of blow molding machines. For example, fully automatic, semi-automatic blow molding machine, single head, single cavity or multi-head and multi-cavity.

1. A fully automatic blowing machine for plastic bottle works without people’s participation. The machine can deburr automatically.

2. Semi-automatic blow molding machine needs people to deburr, and other processes do not need human participation. 3. single head cavity blow molding machine.

3. Single head single cavity blow molding machine has low production capacity, so a multi-head multi-cavity blow molding machine has higher production efficiency.

YG are blow mold manufacturers that have 19 years of experience in designing and manufacturing plastic product machinery. Our blowing machine for plastic bottle with good quality, fine molds, and reasonable prices are the first choice of many customers. Our sales manager with professional knowledge of the equipment can help you answer your questions. We will also recommend the right model of the machine according to your needs. If you are very clear about your needs, please contact us; we will provide detailed information about our machines!

Raw materials That blow molding equipment can process

Blow molding equipment can handle a wide variety of raw materials, mainly thermoplastics. Such as, PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC, HDPE, and so on.

raw material
raw material

Main Features of Hdpe Blow Moulding Machine

1. Adaptable design: the blowing machine for plastic bottle has a platform lifting function, which can flexibly adapt to different mold heights and diversified blow molding process demands, with high flexibility and wide applicability.

2. High-efficiency hydraulic system: the hydraulic system adopts advanced proportional technology and optimizes the design of the hydraulic oil circuit, which significantly improves production efficiency and energy utilization efficiency.

3. Precise control mechanism: the oil flow rate and pressure are precisely controlled by double proportional valves, the flow direction is precisely controlled by directional valves, and the deceleration valve realizes smooth braking. At the same time, the automatic lubrication system ensures smooth and fast machine movements.

4. High-quality components: the hdpe blow moulding machine adopts well-known brands of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical control components to ensure stable and reliable equipment performance and reduce the failure rate.

5. Durable material application: we use special hard wear-resistant material to make the mold head compression piston and material storage chamber. So it can effectively resist abrasion and ensure the long-term operation of the equipment.

6. Optimized molding technology: Equipped with a downward stretching device, which can stretch the material tube to both sides during the blow molding process, making the bottle shape more even and full.

7. Precise pre-seal system: The pre-seal cutter device ensures that the extruded tubes are of the same length, avoiding the waste of raw materials and blow molding problems caused by excessive length.

8. High-efficiency plasticizing ability: adopting reinforced and hardened cold-treated screw with plasticizing die head, the screw barrel is wear-resistant, and the equipment has a long service life.

blow molding equipment
blow molding equipment

Components of Plastic Blow Molding Machines

1. Extrusion head
Our continuous extruder offers a wide range of extrusion head configurations, from 1 to 6 head options, to meet the production needs of different bottle volumes. At the same time, it can be seamlessly matched with all kinds of extrusion systems, especially equipped with view stripe heads and multi-layer co-extrusion heads to adapt to the production requirements of multi-functional products.

2. Extrusion section
The extrusion system adopts a reasonable head runner design to realize rapid color change capability and enhance production efficiency and product diversity. Each cylinder runs smoothly on both sides of the head lifting process to ensure the stability and continuity of the extrusion process.

3. Clamping unit
The clamping unit is mainly responsible for executing the action of mold brackets and the action of mold closing and clamping parts to ensure the stability of the mold in the blow molding process.

4. Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of the blow molding machine integrates a platen-moving cylinder with a mechanical shuttle valve, which can effectively reduce the impact force at the end position and improve the smoothness and reliability of the system operation.

  1. Control system
    The control system adopts famous brand parts, the page is simple and easy to use, which improves the efficiency of the operator, reduces the difficulty of the operation, and makes the production process smoother.

Plastic Blow Molding Machine Auxiliary Equipments

YG is committed to providing customers with a full range of blow molding solutions, not only covering high-quality blow molding machines and customized blow molding molds but also carefully equipped with a series of necessary auxiliary equipment to build an efficient and automated production line. These auxiliary equipment include but are not limited to conveyors, coolers, labeling machines, air compressors, packaging machines, bottleneck trimmers, leak detectors, etc.

Bottle Molding Machine Process Flow

The workflow of a blow molding machine generally includes the steps of material addition, melting, mold closure, air pressure injection, wall extrusion, cooling, mold opening, trimming and inspection, etc. YG provides the blowing machine for plastic bottles with high efficiency and energy saving, low noise, high precision, stable operation, and high service life of the equipment. You are welcome to inquire!

Bottle molding machine process flow

Blow Molding Machine for Sale Working Principle

When the plastic melt reaches a suitable processing state, the mold system is then activated, closing the mold and preparing for gas pressure injection. High-pressure gas is rapidly charged into the mold through the nozzle, pushing the plastic melt to fit the inner wall of the mold. The melt is then extruded through the walls of the mold and precisely molded into a predetermined shape. The mold is then rapidly cooled using a heat sink system to solidify the plastic melt. After the mold is opened, the product is removed for necessary trimming and inspection, resulting in a qualified blow-molded product.

Difference Between PET Bottle Molding Machine and Blow Molding Machine

1. A blow molding machine is the extrusion of thermoplastic resin, while hot in the folio mold, immediately after the mold is closed in the parison through the compressed air so that the plastic parison blows and tightly adheres to the inner wall of the mold, and then cooled off the mold, to make a variety of hollow products. The finished product is generally thicker or with the color of the plastic container.

hdpe blow moulding machine
hdpe blow moulding machine

2. PET bottle molding machine is a good bottle embryo through a certain process means of blowing into the bottle machine. Therefore, it is generally a two-step method. People need to first make the plastic raw materials into bottle embryos, or directly buy bottle embryos in bulk, and then use the bottle-blowing machine to blow the bottle embryo. The blowing machines generally make PET water bottles for drinking water. This process requires more labor, or you can purchase a fully automated blowing machine to improve efficiency and save labor.

PET bottle molding machine
PET bottle molding machine


Q: Are we a manufacturer?

A: Yes, our plastic equipment manufacturing plant has a large workshop space and a long history.

Q. What kind of machines do we produce?

A: YG produces all kinds of plastic machinery and equipment, we have wasted tire recycling lines, bottle blowing machines, plastic bag machines, plastic bag printing machines, plastic recycling production lines, and so on.

Q: Can we customize the machines?

A: Yes, of course we can.

Q: Can customers send workers to study the operation of the machine?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we send technicians abroad to install machines and train workers?

A: Yes. We can send technicians according to customers’ orders.

Q: How long does it take for us to produce the machine.

A: Depending on different machine models and configurations, we need different times, such as 10 days to 1 month.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: 15 to 30 days.

Q: What should I provide to you?

A: Please send us a picture of your bottles with width, length, weight, etc. It is better to send a sample.

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