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Small Plastic Bag Making Machine

Small Plastic Bag Making Machine

The small plastic bag making machine is a general term for many plastic bag making machines. YG plastic machinery manufacturer provides many small poly bag-making machines that can make vest bags, opp bags, side seal bags, etc. These small plastic bag-making machines are designed for small and medium-sized plastic bag-making manufacturers. Their production speed is high, the cost is low, and different types and sizes of plastic bags can be produced. Contact YG to get the small plastic bag-making machine price.

Small Plastic Bag Machine Overview

  • Application: Small poly bag-making machine is suitable for processing various styles of poly bags made of printed or non-printed plastic film.
  • Produce plastic bag styles: vest bags, bottom seal bags, garbage bags, side seal bags, folding bags, zipper lock bags, and other plastic bags in various styles.
  • Matching equipment: Plastic bag-making machines can be used with plastic film blowing machines, printing machines, plastic recycling machines, and other equipment.
  • Production capacity: Determined according to the production capacity of different plastic bag-making machines.
Mini Plastic Bag Making Machine
Mini Plastic Bag Making Machine

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Related Small Plastic Bag Making Machine

YG plastic bag machinery manufacturer offers a wide variety of plastic bag making machines. It mainly includes zipper bag making machines, garbage bag making machines, bottom seal bag making machines, side seal bag making machines, vest bag making machines, and so on. You can choose the appropriate type of machine according to your actual production needs. For example, the garbage bag making machine can produce rolling garbage bags, drawstring garbage bags, collapsible garbage bags, and so on. The following are the parameters of several plastic bag-making machines. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Side Seal Bag Making Machine

Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

Model: YG-600
Max Width (mm):1000
Sealing and cutting length (mm):550
Speed (g/min):30-120
Total Power (KW):3
Machine Weight (kg):700
Size (mm):3600x1200x1650

Drawstring Garbager Bag Making Machine

Drawstring Garbage Bag Machine

Model: YG-800
Bag making width:100~800mm
Bag making length:100~999mm
Plastic Bag making thickness:0.01~0.05mm
Bag making speed:15~35pcs/min
Total power:5kw
Machine weight:2200kg
Overall size:8.2*2.2*2.2m

Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine

T-shirt Bag Making Machine

Bag making length:≦600MM
Bag making width:≦300MM
Poly Bag making thickness:0.005-0.15MM
Bag making speed:50-200PCS/MIN*4
Pressure range:2-6Mpa
Total power:11KW

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Small Plastic Bag Making Machine Price

The small poly bag machine price is related to the order machine quantity, other customized services, and related equipment. The more you order, the bigger the YG discount will be. Of course, if you want to add other functions or configurations to the machine, the price of a small poly-bag-making machine may also vary. YG plastic bag-making machine manufacturers support customized machines according to the different needs of customers. If you are looking for equipment or your plastic bag-making business, please contact us.

Plastic Bag Making Machine
Plastic Bag Making Machine
Small Poly Bag Making Machine
Small Poly Bag Making Machine

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YG Plastic Bag Machine Manufacturer

As a professional plastic bag making machine manufacturer, YG offers various plastic bag making machines. YG provides a variety of equipment such as supermarket shopping bag-making machines, garbage bag making machines, PP woven bag machines, bag-on-roll machines, PE zip lock bag machines, etc. In addition, YG also provides ancillary equipment such as film-blowing machines and plastic recycling machines. If you are looking for plastic bag-making-related equipment, please leave us a message.

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