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Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

A semi automatic PET bottle blowing machine is a machine developed for small and medium-sized bottle-making machine factories. It is generally used with a PET preform machine and has the characteristics of low price, high production efficiency, and high forming rate. The semi-automatic blow molding machine has various models such as one cavity, two cavities, four cavities, six cavities, and eight cavities.

The best choice for small and medium investment factories

Semi-automatic blow molding machine is the best choice for initial investors and small and medium PET bottle manufacturers. The investment cost of semi-automatic equipment is low and the production output is very efficient. For example, the semi-automatic blow molding machine of YG-600 can produce 600PCS mineral water bottles per hour. The 3L one-chamber fully automatic equipment can produce about 600~800PCS bottles per hour. The output of this semi-automatic equipment is similar to that of fully automatic equipment, but the price is cheaper than that of fully automatic equipment.

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Semi-Automatic Plastic Bottle Making Machine Model

Volume of Product(L)1-60.25-2.50.1-1.52
Blowing Air Pressure(Mpa)1.5-2.51.0-2.51.0-2.01.0-3.0
Production Capacity(PCS/H)200-450600-900800-10001200-1800
Max Mould Thickness(mm)130-280110-230110-210110-230
Mould Opening Stroke(mm)230150135150
Machine Weight(T)0.80.650.650.5+0.5
Main Machine Size(M)1.85*0.7*1.751.5*0.7*1.651.45*0.65*1.61.5*0.7*1.65
Heater (M)1.8*0.7*1.51.8*0.7*1.51.1*0.6*1.11.7*0.7*1.35
Heater Weight (T)
Rated Power(KW)

The above is the parameter table of some semi-automatic plastic bottle molding machines, its model is named after the minimum output. Such as YG-200, its production output is 200~450pcs/h, and the maximum blown film thickness of this model is 230. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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Semi-Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Blowing Machine

Semi-automatic 5-gallon blow molding machine is a special plastic bottle making equipment. It is used to produce 5-gallon and various large-capacity PET bottles. The equipment can be used to produce 25L wide-mouth bottles with an inner diameter of 200 mm. Because the 5-gallon bottle is relatively large, it is generally produced in one or two chambers. The semi-automatic 5-gallon blow molding machine, like other blow molding equipment, has two parts: infrared heating and blow molding.

Semi Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Blowing Machine
Semi Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Blowing Machine

Parameters of semi-automatic 5-gallon pET bottle manufacturing machine

The force of closing mold (KN)120
Blowing Air Pressure(Mpa)1.0-3.0
Working air pressure of mainframe(Mpa)0.8
Production Capacity(PCS/H)2500(four cavities)
Max bottle containment1.5(four cavities)
Heating Power(KW)7.5
Max stretch length(mm)360
Max mold thickness(mm)120
Allowed Mould Thickness(mm)120-200
Allowed Mould width(mm)500
Mould Opening Stroke(mm)230
Distance between two mold centers(mm)110
Machine Weight(KG)110
Main Machine Size(M)1.45*0.8*1.9
Heater (M)1.85*0.65*1.45
YG-2500 YG Semi Automatic 5 Gallon Bottle Making Machine Parameter
ContainerProduct materialPET
 Container volume(L)10-25
 Theoretical output(PCS/H)60-90
 Preform length(mm)150-460
 Preform inner diameter(mm)≧ø30
MoldingMax mold plate diameter(mm)620*620
 Max mold thickness(mm)200-350
 Clamping force(KN)330
 Mould opening stroke(mm)350
Air compressorHigh-pressure compressor(m³/MPA)≧1.2/3.0
 Air pressure for blowing(KW)15
 Low-pressure compressor(m³/MPA)≧0.8/1.25
Main machine electricitypower(KW)15
 Voltage/frequency(V/HZ)380-240-110/50-60(3- phase)+N
Machine size and weightMain machine size(M)2.3*0.85*2.2
 Main machine weight(T)1.2
 Heater size(M)2.4*0.7*1.8
 Heater weight(T)0.65
 High-pressure compressor size(KG)1.9*0.75*1.5
 Air filters(kg)10*2pcs
5 Gallon Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Parameters

The semi-automatic 5-gallon PET bottle manufacturing machine is larger than other PET bottles, it requires larger PET preforms and technical requirements. However, it is the same process as other PET bottles. If you want to know more about the 5-gallon bottle blowing machine, please contact us.

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Features of semi automatic PET Bottle Blowing machine

  • Wide range of uses and large production output. It can be used to produce PET bottles of various sizes and shapes, with production output ranging from 200 to 1800 PCS/H.
  • Low investment cost, suitable for small and medium-sized bottle factories to invest in production.
  • The lamp tube heating is designed with a special electric control circuit, which can be controlled by single or multiple flannels, with high efficiency and reduced energy consumption
  • Its preform heating system is specially designed according to the shape of the preform and uses various thicknesses of the preform to heat to keep the preform body heated evenly.
  • The air system divides into two parts: action and blowing to meet the needs of different air pressures for action and blowing.
  • The machine is small in size and easy to operate, and one person can operate the equipment.

Contact Us for Getting Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price

As a plastic processing machine manufacturer, Yugong provides different capacities of blow molding machines and plastic straw making machine. The semi-automatic blow molding machine has many models ranging from one cavity to eight cavities, and the mold of each model can be customized. Therefore, the price of the semi-automatic blow molding machine is not only related to the model of the machine but also related to the mold. For the same model, different customers may have different customization requirements. So, if you want to know the price of the semi-automatic blow molding machine, please contact us.

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