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Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine

The automatic pet bottle blowing machine adopts an intelligent control system. It can automatically complete the processes from preheating, blowing, blowing, etc. All the action cylinders are equipped with magnetic induction switches, which are connected to PLC to control the entire blowing procedure. Compared with semi-automatic equipment, this fully automatic plastic bottle making machine has a higher degree of automation. The whole blowing process is fully automatic, which avoids the contamination of the bottle body. And it has the characteristics of high efficiency, safe operation, and simple maintenance.

Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Selection

The whole production process of the fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine adopts fully automatic production with high production efficiency. It is suitable for the production needs of large bottle factories. The automatic plastic bottle blowing machine can produce 1600~1800 pieces per hour, and the maximum can produce more than 6000 pieces. The production area adopts a fully enclosed structure to avoid secondary pollution of products. The entire production process can be observed through a transparent window, and the operator can watch the production situation at any time. Intelligent PLC control, easy and precise operation, is the best choice for large factories.YG also supplies paper straw machines and plastic straw making machine as the grouped equipment.

Automatic PET Bottle Making Machine
Automatic PET Bottle Making Machine

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Automatic Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine Model

Production Capacity1 cavity1 cavity2 cavity
Theoretical output(PCS/H)600-800500-6001500-2000
Pressure for blowing(KG)303030
Flow rate for working(m³)0.810.8
Flow rate for blowing(m³)0.810.8
Neck diameter(MM)12-8050-11012-30
Max diameter&height(MM)120*200150*28080*300
Machine size(M)2.6*1.6*1.82.7*1.6*1.82.6*1.5*1.8
Machine weight(KG)180018001800

The above is a hand-inserted preform PET bottle blowing machine. It requires a person to manually insert the mold into the blow molding machine, and other processes are automated. This type of equipment has two models, one-chamber and two-chamber.

Theoretical output(PCS/H)28001800500030006000-75004500-5500
Max height(MM)260320280320280280
max diameter(MM)608060866060
Numbers of cavities224466
Mould thickness(MM)180180180180180180
Mould opening stroke(MM)120120100120120120
Total power(KW)505065658070
Heating power(KW)201628223026
Operation pressure(Mpa)0.8*1.00.8*1.00.8*1.00.8*1.00.8*1.00.8*1.0
Blowing pressure303030303030

The above are the parameters of the 2-cavity, four-cavity, and six-cavity automatic pet bottle blowing machine. The fully automatic plastic bottle making machine can complete the process of automatic bottle loading, preheating, bottle blowing, and bottle discharge. Contact us for a quote for an automatic bottle molding machine.

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Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Machine

  • The design structure is different. The semi-automatic bottle blowing machine requires manual intervention in the processes of preform loading, transfer, and bottle loading. It may contaminate the preform and cause harm to the operator. The entire blowing process of fully automatic equipment is fully automatic, reducing manual intervention and pollution.
  • The output is different. Since the fully automatic equipment is continuous and uninterrupted production, its output will be higher than that of the semi-automatic equipment.
  • Their price is different. The price of a fully automatic blow molding machine is higher than that of a semi-automatic one. Whether it is semi-automatic or fully automatic equipment, the more the number of mold cavities, the more expensive the blow molding machine.

Whether semi-automatic or fully automatic, there is no difference in the size and shape of the bottles produced by the two blowing machines. They only differ in operation, output, and price.

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The Advantages of Fully Automatic Plastic Bottle Making Machine

  1. The automatic bottle manufacturing machine can complete the actions of automatic bottle feeding, bottle blowing, and bottle blowing.
  2. With a high degree of automation and high production efficiency, the automatic PET bottle-blowing machine can blow more than 2500 bottles in one hour, and even 6000PCS/H.
  3. The whole blowing process adopts fully enclosed blowing, which avoids the secondary pollution of the product.
  4. Equipped with a transparent window, the window can be covered to observe the whole process of blowing.
  5. Using the intelligent PLC operating system, the operating parameters of the equipment can be set and operated through the man-machine interface.
  6. The oven adopts a unique design, and the preforms are closely spaced when heated. When blowing the bottle, change the spacing according to the size of the bottle, shorten the drying tunnel, and reduce energy consumption.
  7. The air circuit design is divided into three parts: micro-blowing, high-pressure blowing, and low-pressure action to meet the air source required for blowing different products.
  8. The whole process adopts automatic operation to reduce product pollution, the product forming effect is good, and the operation is convenient and safe.

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