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Drawstring Garbage Bag Making Machine

Drawstring Garbager Bag Making Machine

The drawstring garbage bag making machine is used to make plastic drawstring garbage bags on rolls. The equipment is one-time molding, with a high degree of automation, it is the best equipment for making garbage bags with knots. It has semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment with two different degrees of automation. And it has a variety of models to choose from, which is suitable for garbage bag manufacturers of different specifications.

Finished On Roll Drawstring Garbage Bag

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Drawstring Garbage Bag On Roll Making Machine Parameters

Bag making width100~800mm100~1000mm100~1200mm100~1300mm
Bag making length100~999mm100~999mm100~999mm100~999mm
Bag making thickness0.01~0.05mm0.01~0.05mm0.01~0.05mm0.01~0.05mm
Bag making speed15~35pcs/min15~35pcs/min15~35pcs/min15~35pcs/min
Total power5kw6kw8kw10kw
Machine weight2200kg2500kg2800kg3000kg
Overall size8.2*2.2*2.2m8.2*2.5*2.2m8.2*2.8*2.2m9.2*3.0*2.2m
Drawstring Garbage Bag Making Machine Parameters

The above are some parameters of the drawstring garbage bag making machine. It shows the width, length, thickness, and other parameters of the plastic bag making machine can make. You can choose the corresponding model of equipment according to the size of the plastic bag you make. Alternatively, you can send us a message and we will choose the right equipment for you according to your needs.YG also supplies plastic film blowing machine,if you need,pls also let us know.

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Machine Details

Operation Interface
Operation Interface
Wrap Plastic Film
Wrap Plastic Film
Punching and Cutting Drawstring
Punching and Cutting Drawstring
Plastic Draw Type Bag On Roll Winding
Plastic Draw Type Bag On Roll Winding

Drawstring Garbage Bag Making Machine Advantages

  • Manufactured with advanced technology at home and abroad, it is used for the production of reel-to-rope garbage bags.
  • With intelligent computer control, simple operation, and high production efficiency, one person can operate the equipment.
  • Various models such as semi-automatic and fully automatic can be selected to meet the needs of different manufacturers.
  • With photoelectric automatic tracking, color bag conversion, automatic counting, automatic temperature control, and other functions.
  • The sealing and breaking are synchronized, and the back cover is beautiful and firm
  • With automatic cutting, pumping, belt threading, belt cutting, side sealing, bottom sealing, point section, half folding, continuous roll and sub roll, and other devices.
  • The equipment can not only make drawstring garbage on roll bags but also make continuous roll flat bags and other products.

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