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Scrap Tire Shredding Recycling Machine

Scrap Tire Shredding Machine

The tire shredding machine (scrap plastic rubber shredder machine) is a crushing equipment for recycling plastic and rubber. The machine mainly achieves the purpose of reducing the size of the material through cutting, shredding, and extrusion. The rubber tire shredding machine can also be used to shred scrap metal, scrap iron, wood, construction waste, cardboard, and other raw materials. Therefore, waste tyre shredders are widely used in the waste recycling industry, garbage treatment, solid waste, hazardous waste treatment, and other industries.

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About Tire Shredding and Recycling

Waste tires are rubber products, which are difficult to degrade waste, and can be used after recycling. There are two recycling methods for waste rubber: direct utilization and indirect utilization. The direct use method is to use the original shape or almost the original shape. For example, tire refurbishment, fenders, and vehicles, track buffer materials, lifebuoys, playgrounds, sports facilities materials, lighthouses, etc. Indirect utilization is the utilization of rubber tires after chemical or physical processing. The processed rubber can be recycled into rubber powder, recycled rubber, used as rubber concrete, asphalt modifier, cracked, and recycled.

Recycled Tire Application
Recycled Tire Application

Overview of Tyre Shredding Machine

Function: Cut and shred bulky materials that are inconvenient to transport into materials that meet the size requirements.
Crushing size: The size of the crushed material can be customized according to the size of the blade.
Components: Shredding blade group, box body, bracket, feeding system, power system, electrical control system.
Scope of application: Widely used for shredding scrap metal, plastic and rubber products, domestic waste, medical waste, etc.
Machine model: single-shaft, double-shaft, four-shaft shredder

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Plastic & Rubber Shredding Machine Application

Scrap tires: car tires, truck tires
Pipes: large pipes, pipe fittings, PE pipes
Waste home appliances: TV sets, washing machines, refrigerator shells
Waste templates: wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets
Scrap metal: car shell, aluminum alloy, scrap aluminum casting
Hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic cylinders, iron drums, etc.
Household waste, kitchen waste, animal carcasses, medical waste, etc.

Rubber Tyre Shredding Machine Application
Rubber Tyre Shredding Machine Application
Shredding Effect
Shredding Effect
Shredder Blade
Shredder Blade

Rubber Tire Shredding Machine Parameters

ModelTool SpecificationsPowerNumber of toolsReducerRotating speed(r/min)Size(m)

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Types of Rubber Shredding Machine

The rubber shredding machine mainly relies on the internal knife roller to cut, shred, and squeeze to reduce the size of the material. Therefore, according to the type of internal knife roller, there are mainly four types of tire shredders, which are single-shaft, double-shaft, four-shaft, and coarse crushing tire shredders.

Single-shaft Tire Shredder

Single Shaft Waste Tire Shredder
Single Shaft Waste Tire Shredder

The single-shaft tire shredding machine mainly uses the interaction between the moving knife and the fixed knife to control the output size through the screen. It is often used for the primary crushing of various plastic solid wastes, which can process the materials into smaller sizes at one time. The single-shaft shredder can shred plastic, machine head material, film, agricultural film, PP woven bags, ton bags, PE bottles, foam, etc.

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Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Tire Shredding Machine
Double Shaft Tire Shredding Machine

The twin-shaft shredder uses two shafts to shear, squeeze and tear the material, which solves the problem of recycling hard and hollow materials. The double-shaft shredder is especially suitable for shredding waste household appliances, scrap metal, rubber tires, packaging barrels, scrap cars, etc.

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Four Shaft Shredder

Four Shaft Shredder
Four Shaft Shredder

The blades of the four-axis waste tire shredder are distributed in a V-shaped spiral, and the force is more uniform. The auxiliary knife has the function of automatically cleaning the main knife. A four-shaft tyre shredding machine handles greater throughput, and it can handle stronger solid waste that a two-shaft shredder cannot handle. Such as bulky waste, medical waste, leather scraps, waste wood, animal carcasses, solid waste, etc.

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Working Principle of Tire Shredding Machine

The tire shredding machine adopts a geared motor directly connected to the worm gear, which is directly installed on the drive shaft of the shredder, and the speed is changed to the transmission shaft through the size. The helical-toothed cutter head on the main drive shaft moves relative to each other. After the material enters, it is simultaneously squeezed, shredded, and sheared. Therefore, the material is crushed.

Features of Waste Tire Shredder


Tire shredder machine has a Wide Application

Wide application

It can shred scrap metal, domestic and medical waste, pipes, wood, large rolls of film, vats, etc.

High-performance knives

The raw materials of the knives are made of imported alloy steel, which has high wear resistance, is strong, and has a long service life.

Alloy Steel Knife equips with the rubber tyre shredder machine

Optional drive system

YG provides optional electric and hydraulic motor drive systems. The entire power system is designed for low speed, high torque, and strong crushing capacity.

Good crushing effect  

The tire shredding machine has single-shaft, double-shaft, four-shaft, and other structural equipment options. The equipment has the characteristics of low noise, high torque, and good crushing effect.

Shredd Knife
Waste tyre shredding recycling machine Sieve

The crushing size can be customized 

 The thickness of the cutter and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials, so the crushing size can be customized.

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