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PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price in Nigeria

PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price In Nigeria

With the development of the plastic packaging industry, the PET bottle blowing machine has been popular in various fields. Such as food, medicine, electronics, beauty, chemical industry, and so on. PET bottle blowing machines can be used to blow mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetic bottles, pesticide bottles, etc. And each bottle varies in size and shape. This multifunctional PET bottle blowing machine has been popular in Nigeria, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, India, and many other countries and regions. Recently, many customers from Nigeria have purchased PET blow molding machines and supporting equipment in Yugong. So what is the price of a PET bottle blowing machine in Nigeria?

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Nigerian Plastics Processing Industry is Strong

Plastic Products
Plastic Products

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy and Africa’s largest population. Nigeria’s food, plastic processing, power industry, furniture industry, and infrastructure industry are the five most popular industries in Nigeria. Nigerian residents have a very large demand for plastic products, such as plastic cups, plastic toys, plastic tables and chairs, plastic souvenirs, etc., which are all products with relatively high consumption. Nigeria produces oil and has raw materials for making plastic products, but the existing plastic products processing equipment in the country cannot meet the demand. Therefore, many Nigerian manufacturers of plastic products purchase plastic processing machines in foreign countries.

What Types of PET Blowing Machines Are There?

There are various models of plastic bottle blowing machines to meet the needs of different customers for processing PET plastic bottles of different sizes and shapes. According to the degree of automation, it has two kinds of semi-automatic and fully automatic. According to the application points, it has a mineral water bottle making machine, oil bottle making machine, 5-gallon water bottle blowing machine, pesticide bottle blowing machine, and many other types of machines.

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Choose the Right PET Bottle Blowing Machine Mold

Because the plastic bottle is obtained by using a PET blow molding machine to put the PET preform into a mold and form it. Therefore, the choice of mold is very important. The size and shape of the mold affect the size and shape of the final product. It is worth mentioning that Yugong plastic processing equipment manufacturers not only provide blow molding machines but also provide a variety of plastic molds. In addition, Yugong manufacturers also provide customers with customized mold services. If you need a custom mold, please send us your sample drawing, and our engineer will customize the mold for you.

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What are the PET Bottle Blowing Machine Benefits?

  • Efficient production. Yugong Machinery has carefully designed and improved the output of the blowing machine according to the performance of the machine and the blowing needs of customers. The maximum productivity of the PET blow molding machine has been greatly increased to more than 80,000 bottles per hour.
  • Quality assurance. PET bottle making machines and mold are used together to reduce the occurrence of failures and blowing defects. So that the blowing can achieve large-scale production and ensure the quality of the product.
  • High flexibility. After continuous research and development improvement, Yugong’s PET blow molding machine can not only produce a single product. It can use different molds to produce different types of bottles, with high flexibility and multiple application angles.
  • Trustworthy. After more than 20 years of development, Yugong has formed a set of mature plastic processing equipment layouts. And Yugong’s machinery manufacturing is very mature, and the machinery sold is widely welcomed and praised by customers.
  • Multiple supporting devices.YG provides a variety of supporting equipment to meet the production needs of customers. Such as plastic bottle molds in multiple shapes and sizes, plastic straw making machines, filling machines, etc.

PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price in Nigeria

PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price In Nigeria
PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price In Nigeria

So what is the cost of PET bottle blowing machine? Because the PET bottle blowing machine has a variety of models and mold options, the price of the PET bottle blowing machine is mainly related to the model and mold. The higher the output of the PET blow molding machine, the greater the degree of automation, and the higher the price. The choice of mold is also related to the model of the PET blow molding machine. For example, the semi-automatic one-cavity blow molding machine has one mold, and its production output is 200~450pcs/h. The semi-automatic two-cavity blow molding machine has two molds, and the output is 600~900pcs/h. Therefore, the model of the machine and the choice of mold will affect the price of the PET blow molding machine. If you want to know the specific PET bottle blowing machine price, please send us a message.

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